SCAM ALERT: Watch Out for this Fake Email Asking Recipients to 'Cancel Account Closure'

Posted by Conner Williams | Jun 3, 2024

We have been notified of a new scam email going around in which the sender poses as SMTA. The email message claims that the recipient recently requested that their email account be closed, and that they should click a button at the bottom of the message in order to cancel the account closure. THIS IS A SCAM. Do not click on the button in the email. This may be an attempt to steal your personal information or to install malware onto your device(s). 

SMTA will never send you an email like the one pictured in the screenshot below, and we will never ask you to click on a button or link to confirm details about your account. 

The best course of action is to report the email as a phishing attempt and then delete the message. Do not reply to the email as this can validate to the scammer(s) that your email is active and a potential target for future scam attempts. 

If you have any questions, please call the Customer Care Team at 503-394-3366. 

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