Wire Maintenance

Telephone Wire Maintenance
$1.95 / month
Internet Wire Maintenance
$3.95 / month

Wire Maintenance Includes:

  • Service problems diagnosed and repaired by a certified SMTA Technician.
  • Maintenance for approved wiring from the protector/ONT to each jack in your home.
  • Repair of accidental damage to inside wiring or jacks due to normal wear and tear, natural aging of wire, and damage caused by rodents or other animals.

Wire Maintenance Exclusions:

  • Repair or replacement of telephone sets, remotes, routers, alarm panels and other customer owned equipment.
  • Installation of new jacks and new wiring.
  • Any wiring arrangement for a service or offering from another firm or provider.
  • Jacks located outdoors.
  • Non-standard inside wiring (i.e. line cords, speaker wire etc).

Secure Router Maintenance

If you are subscribed to Internet service, you can subscribe to our Router Maintenance service which includes a fully supported, managed wireless router and ongoing network support.

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